Created by Silvie Kroesbergen: born in the Czech Republic and currently living in the Netherlands. At age 17 she launched CHOCHMES to share her feelings, thoughts and aesthetics. It is a place where fashion, design, lifestyle and beauty reincarnate. It is a place where the intricate beauty of the things around us gets the chance to shine.


To be interesting often holds a desire to be different. Finding ones path in life as well as in business involves experimentation and a rebellious attitude towards previous long-established reputation. However, often the most successful step to take is to follow the footsteps you have walked before. We live in a time where opportunity seems to be the new faith and where previously unacceptable choices are acceptable. It is interesting to note that those who choose to dedicate their business and life to a long-established vocation are today, perhaps, the most unusual of them all. CHOCHMES is a site where the long-established vocation is being embraced, yet challenged.


CHOCHMES is defined as ability, capability, skill and power to achieve.

CHOCHMES is a place where one can find inspiration.

CHOCHMES – ”Experiment with fashion as long as it is done with STYLE, with CHOCHMES. “