September 26, 2015

I just finished my usual 8 KM interval running training and I must tell you: it feels amazing. I am in love with that post run feeling. I believe I am addicted to the endorphins that activate while running, haha. I don’t understand how it is possible that every time when I run my creativity level rises to the point I even didn’t know it existed. So, now I am writing this post with a post-workout glow on my cheeks and a big bag of inspiration.

As you already might have seen in the other post, I am someone who likes to dress up instead of dress down. When I am surrounded with clothes I just let my creative mind go and I dress according to how my mood is at the moment. I dress how I want to dress. For this post I also let my mind flow with my creative feeling at the moment. I decided to wear this insane transparent raincoat on a bright summer day. Am I crazy? Haha. It is so much fun that there are no rules in fashion, so just put on that raincoat when the sun is shining and when there is no rain! I am also wearing these cool high-wasted pants from and the flower top I made myself. I love making clothes myself. It is different. The headband is vintage lace from my great-grandmother.

Well, we all want to feel a little crazy, like superstars, right?

Here is my quick 5-step guide on how to feel like a superstar

  1. Free your hair, nothing better than the wind touching your freshly washed hair. Also, put an accessory on your head, such as a headband or a hat.
  2. Wear your heels: the higher the better!
  3. Combine an oversized coat with an oversized scarf. It gives you outfit this bold and mellow, yet refined and sophisticated look.
  4. Wear a skirt or a dress.
  5. Walk like a lady: it’s all about the walk.

Note: that heels are not easy for every situation ;) But, City, school or – as in this post – nature. I like heels wherever I go. Next time when you see someone strolling around in the forest in high heels it is most probably me :)



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  • Reply imke September 28, 2015 at 9:52 am

    I’m in love with that jacket!!!

    Love Imke

  • Reply mariana September 29, 2015 at 9:03 am

    wow, i love your style, really so beautiful

    your blog so interesting, i will follow u
    i hope u will like my blog

  • Reply Nicola September 29, 2015 at 7:17 pm

    Beautiful girl and pictures :*

    xx Nicki

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