July 13, 2015



Yes! It is summer and I am so happy that the weather finally confirms this fact. I am enjoying ice creams to the max these days to cool down a little bit. I love to begin the summer day with a workout. Sometimes it is just a quick run, but often I play tennis and then I totally forget about the time. After hours I realize that I should make some lunch as my morning workout has evolved in a whole-day workout session! It’s so much fun : ) I love to celebrate the sun with sport, good food and fashion. It is the time of flowy blouses, red lips, big hats, coffee lattes and beautiful flowers!

Nowadays, fashion is not based on trends anymore. There is just one trend: have your own style and dress according to how you feel and what you would like to express. You should show your perspective of fashion and dress your way. This said I would love to share with you my view on experimentation on the field of fashion. I believe that experimentation in fashion is very important for developing your own style and developing yourself as a person. You should have a basis style where you can always return to, but experimentation in fashion is as important as this basis that you have developed. Without the experimentation there are no different fashion styles; everybody would wear the same clothes. Too boring! I can’t imagine this ideas, because fashion is for me a way of expression. In different clothes I just feel differently and I certainly behave differently too.

The wide-shoulder blouse I am wearing is a typical point of experimentation for my style. It can make or it can break a look. Paired with a big hat and a good red lip it can make a look quite extravagant. I paired the blouse with a  vintage leather skirt and high heel shoes. Also, I am wearing a fluffy minaudière. It is a perfect little case for carrying small things. I love how the softness contrasts with the raw and pure leather skirt. It elevates the total look!

So, do not forget to experiment with your clothing. When you feel good in the clothing you are wearing and when you feel that it reflects what you want to express, it is no problem that it is different. Go for it for 100 % and do it in style. It WILL be beautiful! X


SHOES fashionbunker   /  SKIRT vintage   /  BLOUSE  vintage /

photography by Ian Koster

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  • Reply Riv July 15, 2015 at 5:58 pm

    You look beautiful!! The blouse is really cute and this skirt is amazing! Great words in this post!

    • Reply Silva July 15, 2015 at 6:11 pm

      Thank you Rivka! I have also checked out your blog :) really clean and beautiful style!

  • Reply Laurence Talet July 15, 2015 at 9:38 pm

    your pictures are beautiful and I love the way you write! xx

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